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The Art Show and Sale offers high-quality work from local and regional artists. Located in the Harney County Fairgrounds Memorial Building throughout the weekend, festival participants have a wonderful opportunity to view and purchase original pieces of art, including wildlife paintings, photographs, sculpture, jewelry, woodworks and much more.

Friday, April 12: 12 to 6 p.m.  Saturday, April 13: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  |  Sunday, April 14: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Location: Harney County Fairgrounds Memorial Building – 69660 S Egan, Burns, OR 97720

Check out our vendor line up! 

Connie Robbins has been an artist for over 30 years and has her Masters in Teaching. She was born and raised in Burns, Oregon. She credits her artistic influences to her mother and paternal grandmother who took the time to show her and her twin sister the importance of creating and showing art, respectively. Over the years, Robbins has practiced all gambits of art including graphic design, fine arts including classical drawing, sculpture, collage, airbrush, oils, acrylic and painting. Her multi-faceted talents have won awards for commissioned airbrushed cars to receiving a recent fine arts grant through Oregon Community Foundation for an installation in the future community arts center. Currently, her medium of choice is Batik Wax and Watercolor.

Carrie was born and raised in Burns, Oregon and has primarily been a figurative oil painter. Currently, she lives on Whidbey Island raising her two children, is a professional artist, teaching art and spending time in the studio. Recently she started painting animals, giving them a chance to shine and be noticed in a new, beautiful and fun way. The last two years birds have held a big part of her focus. Birds seem to operate on a global worldview, from migrating to how they communicate in and with the rest of nature. She admires that. “Animals are historic teachers, too. I’m pulling for them like I am people. That we all have a place in the order of things like the killdeer or kiwi. That we can notice our differences and embrace them, as what makes us all more beautiful and playful. And that our differences make us better as a whole.`

Malheur Field Station is an environmental education and research center in the northern Great Basin region in Southeastern Oregon, a diverse setting of marshlands, desert basins, alkali playas, upland desert scrub steppe, volcanic and glacial landforms and fault block mountains, 32 miles south of Burns on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. It provides a rich outdoor classroom for the biologist, geologist, archaeologist, astronomer, artist, or environmental science student. operated by the Great Basin Society, a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1985. 

Meyer Metalworks is a husband-and-wife team that specializes in making rustic home décor from our home in northeast Oregon. Together we make wooden signs, plasma-cut metal art, home décor and many other rustic items. Many of our unique projects are designed and built out of old or found materials.

We use our experience as a wildland firefighter (Steve) and wildlife biologist (Marisa) and our own observations of the natural world to inspire new designs. Our metal art designs are not found anywhere else and often incorporate digitized renderings of real mountain ranges and wildlife.

Denise Bruchman is a photographic artist and published author, who grew up in the Pacific Northwest and now travels throughout the West pursuing her happy life. That pursuit includes as much time as possible in Malheur NWR wildlife. Turning her photography into greeting cards, art tiles, and other products, Denise creates functional art everyone can use. Follow Denise on Facebook and Instagram @denisebruchmanphotography.

Duncan Neilson has had a lifelong interest in birds and began trying to photograph them while still in grade school. That process resulted in a deeper study of photography, expanding to landscape and flower subject matter as well as birds, much of it under the mentorship of Leonard Conkling (who with his father Charles produced the book “Steens Mountain”) who introduced him to the wonders of Oregon High Desert photography. His primary products are high quality exhibition prints, ranging from handmade and signed photo note cards to large 40 x 60-inch wall display prints. He has worked through the evolution of photography from large format view camera film work to modern digital techniques. His hope is that his work will cause people to ponder the beauty of the natural world and more deeply recognize our deep connection to that beauty.

The Crane’s Nest Nature Center & Store is in the historic residence east of the museum at Refuge Headquarters. It is our goal that the Nature Center be a point of contact for Friend’s members and visitors to the Refuge, providing up-to-date wildlife sightings and current Refuge visitor information as well as a site for environmental education and wildlife presentations. The Nature Store sales provide an important source of income which in turn supports our annual operations including Friends programs and stewardship projects.

Linda Whiting owner of Linda’s Art Studio: Whiting has been working at her craft for over 40 years.  She comes from an artistic family that also loves nature and wildlife. Throughout her career she has worked in several mediums including oils, acrylics, fabric, bead embroidery, bead weaving, paper, and wire. Creating new and different designs is her passion using a variety of mediums and techniques. 2023 has been an especially trying year not only for Whiting but the world.  As Whiting works on her projects her mind is also on the lives of other people that have been affected by world events. She feels the world is in need of more Love and understanding.  She hopes that her work reflects the Love that she wants to share and will bring a little feeling of peace to whomever receives it.  

Pamela Beaverson is best known for the subtle greens, violets, and open skies that appear in her oil paintings of the Great Basin. Her life and work have always been influenced by nature and the outdoors. Because of this love of nature, it is no surprise that Pamela is also an accomplished biological illustrator. Pamela grew up in Elkhart Indiana. Her early years were spent stomping around the wetlands and lush deciduous forests of Michiana. Pamela studied at the Ohio State University where she received a BFA with a concentration in printmaking and minor in biology. She focused on learning the craft of stone lithography under the tutelage of visiting artist and printmaker, Jeff Sippel, and scientific illustration from renowned herpetologist and biological illustrator, David Dennis. 


Cassandra Lee learned to use needles and thread at a young age. She, with her sisters, worked alongside her mother and grandmother embroidering pillowcases and quilts. Throughout her life she has been distracted by clay, wood and other three-dimensional mediums, only to find her way back to her love of fiber.  Today, she transforms post-consumer products and end-of-bolt discontinued fabrics into unique pillows featuring flora and fauna that have distinct personalities. She pays close attention to color and texture, and uses a combination of techniques including raw-edge appliqué and machine- and hand-embroidery to add depth and character to her unique designs.

Kyle Cline, John Day photographer, wanders the backcountry from the John Day River Valley through the Aldrich, Strawberry, and Steens mountains deep into the Owyhee canyonlands. His art reflects the spirit of this beautiful place we call home. Kyle makes large, custom rustic framed landscape and wildlife prints that can be previewed at

It took a pandemic to create the need, the desire for Connie to explore using pyrography and watercolor on live-edge wood as a way to connect with family and the natural world. Her process is not complicated. Her canvas is live-edge wood, an interesting plate or branch. There is a story there waiting to be told.

My name is Rick Knox. I have lived in Harney County for 12 years with my wife and two young daughters. My family and I enjoy everything Harney County has to offer and we like to get out and be involved in our community.  Wood working has been a passion that I have enjoyed since high school. I like seeing a project through from start to finish and always enjoy seeing the final product. As my family gets a little older it has given me more time to get back into the shop and start building again. I create a variety of rustic creations from small things like coasters,  trivets, and bird feeders to larger items such as planter boxes, trellis’s, and picture frames. I recently started my small business so that I can share my creations with the community and others.  

Yakisugi, also known as Shou Sugi Ban, is the motivation of South Palace Studio. The artist is  inspired by the texture of the wood and the grain is like a fingerprint, making each piece unique. Working with the dynamics of fire and lively colors is extremely satisfying to the artist. South Palace Studio explores the ancient process of Yakisugi to which the artist adds his own aesthetic. The studio is a family-run business with three generations efforts to bring you these one-of-a-kind creations. The mission of South Palace Studio is to provide beautiful and useful objects which enhance others lives.  The artist strives to push a traditional process in new directions and create each item with care, individuality, and a new perspective. South Palace Studio encourages everyone to make more art and recognize the beauty in natural, handmade items.

Dave Bartholet, a self-taught artist, showed up on the planet in 1949. Having spent his early childhood in Wyoming his love for wildlife was forged from the get-go.  In 1971 he started his journey as a professional artist selling his original watercolors through galleries.  In the early 80’s he ventured into “show business” doing juried art shows through out the west.  He still travels to 30 shows each year.  His loose style of watercolors has proven to be very popular to an estimated 100,000 households that collect his work of over 400 limited edition prints.  He has illustrated many magazines and book covers as well as being commissioned to do the mural for the National Wildlife Refuge 100 year recognition, a 30×50 foot effort. Dave believes he was born to paint and credits God for his natural ability. He often says he paints not because he can, but because he must. It is a gift!  

From the artist: I have been painting for over sixty-five years, starting in the third grade in beautiful Tillamook, Oregon. I had a wonderful mother that encouraged me. Painting has always been a priority for me, and I constantly work on honing my skills. I have studied with various artists and am well traveled! My husband was in the Navy, so we bounced between different locations in California and Oregon. I spent many winters in Mexico, painting on oversized t-shirts for tourists, cactus, landscapes and seascapes. I painted peoples homes and captured the beauty of the stark contrasts of light and shadow created by the intense light there. I paint whatever I see, wherever I go!

Hardwood, end grain cutting boards, lazy susans, coaster and more – designed and crafted by Bob Oswald.

Brenna Premo of Raven Magic Creations describes her work as “An act of reverence for the natural world.” Having grown up in a rural, forested area outside of Molalla, Oregon, she infuses her creations with a deep affection and honor for the enchanting animals that graced her path. A self-taught artist, Brenna currently works with leather and finds its rich texture an ideal medium to express the intricate details of her subjects. When not immersed in creating art, you might find her hiking through the forest or cultivating a magical backyard bird oasis for her feathered friends.

The Bird Alliance of Oregon Nature Store sells a wide variety of binoculars, spotting scopes, tripods, and a variety of optics accessories. Ask our expert staff all of your optics questions, and we will help you find the perfect pair suited to your needs. With a huge selection of size and price, there is sure to be something for all of your birding and outdoor adventures. Purchases from the Nature Store help support bird and habitat conservation and education across the state! 


From the artist: Greetings! Harney County has been my home since I was born. I have been creating for most of my life. I have owned a few small businesses as my locations and focus changed over the years. My most recent project is Lupine Lagomorph, reflecting my obsession with the Legendary Jackalope Rabbit. My creations are a culmination of a lifetime of learning and my love of the animals, birds and landscape of Harney County. From my formative years in 4-H, to teaching myself to knit and design knitwear,  learning to paint flowers, weaving with local willow, to creating digital art, I enjoy creating new things inspired by the past with a foundation of the High Desert. I am excited to return as a vendor to share with you all I have made at the 2024 Bird Festival!