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Registering for the Harney County Migratory Bird Festival is as simple as adding tours and activities to your shopping cart and “checking out”!

*Quantities shown as “available” are available at that moment, but they MAY ALREADY BE in someone else’s shopping cart. Quantities show “available” until the point of financial transaction. You may add something to your cart and see it in there, but get a notice it is unavailable when you go to pay – this is because someone else also had it in their cart and checked out before you. Unfortunately, this is the way product commerce works and we haven’t found a way around it… yet!

*Pay special attention to “LOCATION” and/or “DEPARTS FROM” for tours and activities – new this year, many of our shorter tours meet and take off from Malheur National Wildlife Headquarters. Others still leave from “Bird Central” at the Harney County Fairgrounds. Assuming the wrong location for a tour could put in a wrench in your schedule!

*Also pay special attention to CARAVAN tours – these tours are sold PER VEHICLE, not per person. If you have 10 people in your car, or one person in your car, please only add ONE vehicle spot to your cart.

*FEE-BASED tours and activities are listed below in mostly chronological order. Use the filters to narrow down exactly what you are looking for! A few “free” activities are also listed – if you plan to participate in these, please add them to your cart so we can get a general headcount of attendees.

*You MUST pre-register for fee-based activities, as well as the free “Downtown History Walking Tour.” 

Thursday April 11th, 2024

Friday April 12th, 2024

Saturday April 13th, 2024

Sunday April 14th, 2024