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Birding Malheur Refuge HQ To Buena Vista Tour


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Departs from: Departs from: Malheur Refuge Headquarters, Crane’s Nest Store – 36391 Sodhouse Ln, Princeton, OR, 97721

This tour travels along the northern part of the Malheur Auto Tour Route (Central Patrol Road). This region of the refuge is often more sagebrush than wetland so this tour is a great opportunity to not only look for upland bird species, but to look for families of river otter, awesome geographic features, and one of Malheur’s uncommon (but awesome) black deer. Tara Lemezis is Bird Alliance of Oregon’s Assistant Director of Adult Education and has been visiting Malheur for about a decade. As this tour approaches Buena Vista, you’ll likely encounter an increasing number of waterfowl, waterbirds, and cranes. This trip covers two of the Bird Crawl stops, so you could get two stamps for your passport while on this tour! VAN-GUIDED (you ride with us).

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