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In 2021, the Harney County Migratory Bird Festival took a brief in-person hiatus (Covid-19) and went completely virtual with a choose-your-own-experience story map titled “Prairie Songs for a Feathered Heart”. 

“Prairie Songs” takes you through Harney County by way of great stories – told by locals – with a fictional mystery intertwined: Magnus Sparrow, an eccentric magnate, heir to a 100-year-old lumber dynasty, and a life-long birder, has suddenly vanished. Rumors of a treasure hidden deep in Harney County have started after a mysterious note was found in his office the night of his disappearance. You have been hired by his daughter as a detective to locate the missing man and unravel his cryptic clues. Word of the treasure has leaked, and it has turned this missing person quest into a race against time. 

​Will you solve this mystery? Can you find Magnus and the treasure before is too late? Best of luck to you detective!! Navigate your way through the Story Map below!