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Sunrise Bald Eagle Fly Out Tour


Price is per VEHICLE.

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Departs from: Harney County Fairgrounds Memorial Building – 69660 S Egan, Burns, OR, 97720

Harney Basin provides habitat for nesting, wintering, migrant and wandering bald and golden eagles. Rick Vetter and Joan Suther will lead a field trip to watch an early morning flyout of bald eagles from one of the largest bald eagle roosts of Oregon… that they have been monitoring for 33 years and counting! This is an early-start tour with a 35-minute drive from Burns. We leave on time, before sunrise, so as not to miss any eagles. The roost is secluded, but we’ll get to watch some of the birds fly out over our heads, from the comfort of our vehicles if it is cold, or outside if you prefer, on a quiet gravel road. As the eagles fly out, they scatter across agriculture fields preparing to search for a free meal, which is one of the main reasons they roost in this particular area. But it comes with a possible deadly consequence, which we’ll discuss, as well as the natural history of the birds in the area. There will also be opportunities to identify and watch numerous other raptor species, including one of the longest winged hawks in the U.S. And on the return trip to Burns, we’ll stop at the Crystal Crane Hot Springs for additional birding. Plan and dress accordingly for cold morning temperatures, any sustenance needs, and a potential swim at the hot springs if you choose! CARAVAN (We lead, you drive).

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Friday 5:15-9:30a, Saturday 5:15-9:30a