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Double O Llama UPLANDS Hiking & Photography Tour


Price per PERSON.

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Departs from: Harney County Fairgrounds Memorial Building – 69660 S Egan Burns, OR, 97720

Join us for a real llama hiking adventure. On this day-long tour you will have the opportunity to choose a llama companion who will carry your field gear. They will also be on the alert for wildlife as their sensitive eyes and ears will spot coyotes before you do. Their high-pitched alarm call will make sure you don’t miss it. You may assist with saddling and are encouraged to lead your llama during the tour. We begin by hiking along Goulden Canal watching for where ducks, herons, swallows, and water creatures. Then we climb the bluff above the lakes for an expansive view of the Harney Basin. Snowy Steens Mountain rises in the southeast while massive Harney and Malheur Lakes spread out before you. This is an awe-inspiring view that gives you a true sense of the magnificent breadth of this wild country.

Clambering through the sagebrush topside takes you into the northern edge of the Great Basin fault block geology where pronghorn and wild horses roam. The ascent up and along the top is a cross-country route requiring study footgear and hardy lungs. You will climb some 350 feet at a 15% grade to an elevation of about 4500 feet and descend in a similar fashion.

Camera gear, scopes and collapsible tripods can be accommodated, but should be well protected against possible jostling. Small folding chairs can also be taken along. Travel distance from Burns to the birding site is about forty miles and is a birding opportunity in its own right. Bring snacks, lunch and drinks. Hiking experience is strongly recommended. A birding guide will join this tour for expertise! CARAVAN TOUR (We lead, you drive).

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Saturday 8a-4p